This would be so fantastic right now… 

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This sex god of a man…. 

Guys, I know that I’m not tumblr famous or fitblr famous.  I have a ton of followers and I know that you guys like to help.  Please help me win this pole.  This seriously could help me in my career goals. I know that sounds dumb, but if I can actually get Jimmie Johnson to remember me I’ll have an easier time networking when I get to Charlotte.  You can vote more than once and everyday.   The pole is open for a week.  Please please PLEASE help me.  I never ask for anything, but this is super important to me.  Please, please help me.  

I don’t want to be told that i’m going to be ok… I want you to wrap your arms around me and let me cry.  

Don’t give me reasons why I should be happy to be alive… give me your time and your heart. 

Don’t tell me that I’m being silly, that I’m beautiful… hold me and whisper it in my ear.  

Don’t hurt me more than I hurt myself… kiss away my pain.